About Us

This is Keegan and Ruby, and our dad is building this blog to support our wish to learn tennis. I’m 12 years old and Ruby is 11 and we have in recent times started learning to play tennis, so we thought it would be an excellent idea to do a blog about basic tennis techniques and what it takes to strike those fuzzy yellow balls.

Our mom bought us a book called “Tennis Skills the Players Guide” by Tom Sadzeck, and we use it to work through all the basics of tennis with our friends. We visit the college tennis courts after school and on weekends only after we have finished our odd jobs and homework.

Our dad has a painful knee from, playing rugby in his early days, and our mum spends much of her time looking after our delightful little 8 months old sister Kiara. Sadly, mom and dad are quite busy with work and all, so we coach ourselves most of the time and plan to sign up at a Tennis Club, when we get the basics sorted, so we do not look too much like clowns when we start. Both mom and dad have offered to help us when they can because they know that playing sport is a great tool to hone you for life. My dad says that life is like a box of chocolates you do not know what you will get. Evidently sports will assist us to experience and manage success and failure.

We are thrilled to learn with our friends because we all thrash out the good points and bad points of how we all play and we have a marvellous time laughing at each other. We hope to have an advantage over our comrades because we read the book together and then put the techniques into practice. Haha our friends are just smashes.

 Our friend Charlie is playing with us, and man can he wallop the ball hard. He’s only 12 but weighs 89 kgs, he’s an age-grade rugby league celebrity, but loves a good hit around on the courts. We are playing with 2 Prince Rackets which my dad used about 30 years ago, back then they cost about $300. They are in good condition because my dad did not use them much because he was heavily involved in rugby. My dad thought he did OK with tennis, but a number of his friends were impressive at the game because they had raw natural flair that is difficult to fight unless you can dedicate yourself wholly to training. Charlie is not allowed to use our racquets, he’ll just break them.

 I hope you like my site on the basics of tennis.


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