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2 Critical Tennis Techniques You Need to Know

10 Jul

As a beginner it is very important for you to learn your tennis techniques correctly if you want a chance to play against the opposition with any magnitude of accomplishment. Any poorly developed technique obviously affects your performance and will take a lot of needless time to fix. Tennis techniques should be practiced constantly to sustain the technique and to permit your muscles to remember those particular positions that will see your form as a expert tennis player.

Accomplished footwork is vital when you are playing tennis and provides the emphasis to reach approaching balls. Quite simply, you have got to be geared up to get yourself to those fuzzy yellow balls in time. To do this there are two integral tennis techniques you must master:

Technique 1: “Ready Position”

You must be poised to move. All your focus is on your opposition, feet comfortably apart, knees a little bent and stand ready on the balls of your feet with your racket straight to your front. This position will be the best position for you to prepare for the Split Step.

Technique 2: “Split Step”

The Split Step follows immediately from the ready position by first making a modest bounce just before your opponent strikes the ball. This bounce essentially prepares your body to move as the ball approaches your side from your opponent’s side of the net. As the ball approaches you, left for example, you can proceed left by taking a step with your left foot first, followed by a right leg crossing over followed by successive leg shuffles to approach the ball.

Without implementing the two techniques above, you risk coming off second best in a game that only has a victor and a loser. If you can pull off the ready position and the Split Step well, you will have no trouble getting to the ball.